Saturday, December 13, 2014

Loafing On Sugarloaf

I have 500 fresh miles on the P200E back from the shop and I am working diligently to get out from under the burden of running in the new engine. Thus it was I chose to abandon my dog early on Thursday afternoon and chose instead to duck off the tyranny of the Overseas Highway for a short diversion south at Sugarloaf Lodge.
The weather has been bright and sunny but cool this week, especially in the early morning before dawn as I wend my way home with a visor that fogs at traffic lights and hands that feel the crisp chill of 58  degree darkness. So I packed my heavy winter riding jacket on the front rack to wear home and save my teeth from chattering. I do enjoy the versatility of the old Vespa.
I took the south shore of Sugarloaf Key  and stopped at the bridge over the creek for pictures and a dude on a fishing skiff obliged by zipping by to break up the pastoral serenity. All pictures need a little action from time to time.
 American Shoal Lighthouse was just visible as a pin on the horizon.
I had spotted a couple of motorcycles or scooters in the distance ahead of me as I rode enjoying the light and the scenery. They went beyond the bridge, probably to the end of the road where there is a foot trail, into the mangroves,where Cheyenne and I took a Short Walk a  few years ago. The motorcycles, for they were low slung cruisers much loved by part time riders around here, burbled by and returned my happy smile with glares such as might be projected by their hard core brethren on Sons of Anarchy.

 It was good, pausing for a minute before getting back on the conveyor belt to work.  I just wished my dog was there.