Monday, January 18, 2016

Florida Heritage Bike Path

You'd be astonished to see how many people ride this trail in the early morning darkness when I'm motorcycling home at 6 in the morning. Modern bicycle headlights on some bicycles are as bright as motorcycle headlights and as they make their way through the bushes they give the impression of a well off course motorized machine coming at you from the wrong angle.
Overseas Highway Bike Path
The state is bury making a true Heritage Trail all the way down the Keys and soon I hope to post some pictures of a new bridge the state has built connecting Summerland Key to Cudjoe. I am quite surprised to see so much bicycle-related road work going on but it is welcome. Frankly I wouldn't mind a whole bunch of shade trees even ones as slender as hurricane resistant  sabal palms to make the path more bearable in summer. 
Overseas Highway Bike Path
 I love seeing the winter riders out for a jaunt properly done up in safety gear and workmen's high visibility safety gear. This bright reflective stuff is everywhere part of the trend of passive "safety devices" designed to shift the responsibility for one's well being on others. When out riding I figure it's up to me to pay attention to look after myself and not to expect others to notice me, but I'm bucking all expectations there.
Florida Heritage Bicycle Trail
 The bicycle bridge is built on the foundations laid by Henry Flagler's railroad crew around 1911 which railroad was turned into a highway by the government in 1938 after Florida bought the right of way from the bankrupt railroad. And then World War Two require further upgrades as marked in the cement alongside the white water pipe on the "new" (1982)  road bridge. The first piped water from Miami was brought to Key West by the military in 1942. Prior to that residents of the Keys lived off cisterns and rain water which modern standards suggest is unhealthy. Who knew? About the only thing I miss from my house on Ramrod Key was the water cistern. I found it healthy and delicious.
Bike Trail Overseas Highway
A close up of some mangroves. Nature called and we live in a paranoiac society sometimes that can't tell the difference between peeing and sexual deviancy so I took a picture of some mangroves while I was otherwise engaged. Fascinating bushes are mangroves, sucking up salt water and expelling the salt to use the water. 
Florida Mangroves
 It was a strangely alluring view across the waters. You can see why people would bust a gut riding a bicycle around here.
Mangroves in Florida Keys
And when it all gets too exhausting they have the occasional bench facing the highway foir a better view of cars passing in your face.
Florida Heritage Bike Trail
I really need to stop more often to enjoy this odd little spot.