Sunday, December 21, 2014

Bow Channel Bridge Fishing

An early morning walk alone with my dog. 

 Looking for sun dried  fish bait. She loves that stuff abandoned by anglers.
 It's the season for people to come down and play in the Florida Keys.
 I overhear endless dreary conversations about snow Up North. I don't  miss snow.
 There is more about life here than the weather. The commute for instance. This is busy:
 Playing with camera settings allows me to move the dawn back a few minutes:
 Today is the shortest day. That doesn't mean it can't be sunny. In the Keys.
 So, the weather is good we've established, the commute is easy and we forgot the fishing.
 I think fishing is boring, but I like walking my dog, so my judgement is suspect.
 From what I gleaned there is  a plan when you bridge fish-  you need current and you plan for the fish to swim upstream and you thus drop your line on a particular side of the bridge. 
And then you wait. I had places to be and rays to soak up so we went home and left them to it.