Monday, August 31, 2009

In The Navy

Today I am posting a short essay with just three pictures to make room for the guest essay below. I was on Truman Waterfront last week and spotted a rather ugly military ship tied up to the Outer Mole, also known as the Navy Pier.I don't mean to be rude, and I'm sure this magnificent dry cargo ship is a great place to call home but it looks to me like a child's drawing of a boat. However this ship has a particularly close connection to Key West which I thought was worth mentioning. The ship was built in California in 2004 an christened in 2008 by a Key West Judge.
I was surprised to learn a few years ago that Circuit Judge Peary Fowler was Robert Peary's great-granddaughter. Actually I wonder how many nerds other than me even know who Admiral Peary was or what he accomplished. I do know, thanks a modest amount of research that the ship pictured costs around $400 million dollars, and can travel 14,000 miles at 20 knots (24mph). It is designed to carry supplies for other Navy ships that travel around with guns, which the Robert Peary doesn't appear to have.The other nice thing about Truman Waterfront is people can come out and get their exercise, at least for now. The city has its collective knickers in a twist about what to do with these 34 acres handed over by the Navy which decided it no longer needed them. Like all gifts awarded to fractious families, this one is managing to piss off every single faction and group in the city. For now we should all rush out and mill about here while it is open, undeveloped and available for free. pretty soon it will be a better place with, no doubt and entrance fee and lots of instructional signage telling us what to do and what not to do. Progress will not be denied.