Thursday, July 28, 2016

Casa Marina Heat

I had a hole in my jaw, my right nostril was numb, the hole where my tired old stub of a front tooth used to be wouldn't stop bleeding, so I did what only made sense: I took Rusty for a walk. Seen here starting out from the weather station on White Street.
Later that night at work Nick and Chelsea started a long meandering discussion about people they knew who keep dogs, and don't do a very good  job of it.  I put a stop to that, not wanting to hear about dogs caged all day and never walked and dogs on chains and all sorts of stuff that makes me crazy.
I'm thinking it's pretty hot these days even for Rusty the wonder dog. He walks half an hour and he's had enough in the afternoon but I got a chance to check a shady street in the Casa Marina district.
This gate cracks me up, planted as it is in the middle of a low fence:
It puts me in mind of this:
So much elaborate landscaping. It exhausts me just thinking about the labor required to keep it pristine. Which is probably why you see armies of gardeners tending to these places all summer long while the residents are away in some cooler clime.
And stuff at these latitudes grows robustly and year round:
Not all homes are opulent in Casa Marina and there are a few older homes dotted between mansions.
Always hunting for shade:
We're talking millions here depending on amenity:
A Mediterranean style mansion, peeping through the trees.
These two scooters sit out in the sun mal=king rather good use of a chunk of sidewalk to nowhere.

The Key West ideal; a place to live and a place to park two wheels.

This i Liked. Look closely:
Not very active if the car is covered, you'd think:

City hall is coming along, with the schol supposed to be transformed by the end of the year:

We drove home, me recovering from blood loss feeling not terribly energetic. Rusty retreated to his bed in the darkened bedroom and got a few hours of solid sleep before pottering out for a spot of dinner and  nap on his couch. Summer's heat is getting to him too. I bet he misses Vermont.