Monday, October 21, 2019

Curry Mansion

A lunch break on a rainy day prompted me to go for a walk in black and white mode.
I found myself walking past the historic Curry Mansion built by an immigrant from Green Turtle Cay in the Bahamas in 1896. It was  a mail order design apparently and included all the trimmings still visible today.
In the days before air conditioning it was normal for people to sling hammocks and sleep outdoors and the mansion has a couple of wide verandas suitable for the purpose
The house was falling into disrepair by 1976  when it was purchased, restored and  turned into a guest house.  Below you can see the decorative fretwork that was a boast of the original plans:
Hurricane Irma tore down some of the massive tree cover from in front of the mansion which has opened it up to view.
And I find it very photogenic from all sides:
This last picture below is NOT the Curry Mansion but I include it here by way of saying, again, you don't need a huge historic pile to have an atmospheric home in Old Town...