Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sparky's Landing

Continuing education is part of being a modern dispatcher and so off I've toddled every day this week including today, to Marathon to study Emergency Medical Dispatch. The idea is that when you ask for help in 43 countries around the world a protocol developed in Salt Lake City of all places, will provide you with the same life saving service. Modern dispatching is treated as the first responder in a medical crisis which is quite stressful when you aren't medically trained. Hence the protocol and a fair bit of studying. This is my third refresher on this stuff and I'm still learning new techniques.

When I"m not studying stuff I like to explore and as my explorer wife is currently teaching in Marathon we decided to visit Key Colony Beach for lunch on Monday. I'd been before, she hadn't, because I have also explored the tiny enclave of Key Colony Beach before: Key West Diary: The Mouse That Squeaked. So we met on the causeway at Sparky's Landing.

This is not the place to order meatballs me thinks but I was tempted by the cobia wrap. It was a lovely day and perfect for eating on the water so I was quite pleased with myself for picking this spot.

It's dark and woody inside but the deck was perfect for a sunny eighty degree day. We ordered fish on salad, my wife's blackened and mine grilled, in proper low carb form.

The view was lovely...

...the food came promptly and was fresh and delicious...

...and we weren't the only ones looking for good grub.

The meal came to about twenty five bucks tax and tip included.

I think our neighbors were speaking Portuguese which confirmed this is the eclectic tourist season in the Keys.

We really enjoyed our little break on the water. Being in class can have its pleasant breaks.

My wife scooted back to her adult education classroom in her Fiat, which she continues to enjoy greatly with 4,000 miles on the clock.

I rode back to fill my head with knowledge, wondering if a biplane ride ought to be in my future.

My Key West Police colleagues had lunch at Taco Bell, a fast food joint that pulled out of Key West a few years ago to much lamentation. I think I got the better end of the deal, but they are young and sometimes feel deprived by the lack of mainland amenities.

Key West Diary: Sparky's

Key Colony Beach is a little over an hour from Key West. Plan your road trip accordingly.