Sunday, May 29, 2016

Dinner en Masse

Rusty wanted to come to and the little tyke makes every trip fun so I left the motorcycle at home and loaded my Carolina Dog into the car. He must be wondering when I am going to run out of new walks to take him on, but this wa s anew one for him, 5th Street on Stock Island.
We walked the old street, now closed to traffic and I could get peeks at the homes afloat anchored in Cow Key Channel.
And I also spotted a rather brilliant home made topsy turvy dinghy landing among the bushes. I can't imagine using this drunk on a dark night but each to his own.
Because Rusty was along we elected to eat out, though I would have been happy to leave him in the car. He was unusually restless for him but I did get a picture of him blending in with the walls at Roostica, the Italian restaurant on Stock Island.
"We"  were the night shift dispatchers gathered in one place. We are almost fully staffed so overtime has dried up and after years of under staffing we are all a bit relieved about that. However this means the two shits of three dispatchers rarely meet anymore as we do our own shits. Every Tuesday is a short shift so we have a chance every few weeks to get together as a group. I'm the only one wearing glasses oddly enough, except for my Trainee in sunglasses.
After dinner I stopped off with Rusty on the way home and we went for a walk on Sugarloaf around the bat tower under heavy skies.
Rusty has become  my shadow, we walk together and he listens to me, he loves traveling but he accepts when I have to leave him at home. He is much better in urban situations, less scared of everything that moves and able  to stick close to me without tugging at the leash. 
I enjoy his company so much I am reduced to riding the motorcycle for commuting most days. Leaving Rusty behind seems like a waste of an opportunity to see the world through his eyes.