Saturday, February 15, 2014

Hanging With My Bud

Cheyenne and I have spent the past couple of afternoons at West Summerland Key. The area near the water is slightly protected from the north winds of the cold front by the ridge where the Overseas Highway runs down the middle of the island. It's most conspicuous landmark is the old Bahia Homda Flagler railroad bridge just to the north.
We come here often especially on days when I work as it's ten minutes from home, far enough to get us out of the house but not so far as to make getting home and ready for work a problem. In fact we come here so often I am reluctant to add any more pictures of this over-photographed island on the blog. So I decided to play with the camera settings while Cheyenne and I explored familiar ground.
When out of the wind the cold front with temperatures in the mid 60s isn't too cold at all but the slate gray clouds and flat water give it an ominous appeal, almost as though snow is about to fall.

Actually even on a gray day the transparency of the waters shine through:
The brown decaying seaweed pushed up onto the land makes for an impressive swath of cold wet dead vegetation. Crocs don't mind getting wet which is one reason I wear the strange rubber shoes.
I can even risk dunking my feet in seawater when I'm wearing Crocs to look for anemones left behind by the low, full moon, tide.

A few people came and went but this is no one's idea of a fabulous Florida beach, all rocky and covered in vegetation, precious few coconut palms and no sand at all.
I carry a folding beach chair in the trunk of the car and it comes in useful.
Cheyenne liked the old cement platform to lie on so I put down my Kindle and laid down alongside her and felt the warmth of her fur on my leg as we hung out together trying to ignore the strengthening cool breeze. She watched the world while I did my favorite thing...
I looked through the tree branches overhead, the play of leaves and light fluttering in the breeze.
Then home to dinner for Cheyenne and a shower, a uniform and work for me.
She gets on the couch and looks at me accusingly as I get ready to leave. I think she envies the motorcycle as it's with the Bonneville that I am unfaithful to my dog as I chase off on my commute to Key West.