Sunday, March 10, 2019

Stock Island Night

I woke up way too early on my night off and I tossed and turned for a while hoping to get back to sleep. Actually the fact that I can sleep on my side without pain is a rather pleasant sensation after weeks of being forced to lie on my back in the hospital.
After a while I had to get up as there was no point in laying there in bed reading my back lit Kindle when I had a dog to walk. It was almost four in the morning and sleep still eluded me so I decided to share my deprivation with my buddy. 
We got in the car and as I drove I wasn't sure where we might end up. I had noticed on a recent visit to see my motorcycle mechanic Jiri Rusty looked quite interested in the surroundings so rather than drive to Mallory Square or some other downtown location I took Rusty to downtown...Stock Island.
We got out across from Croissants de France and wandered off together. Stock Island is getting developed but for now it is still home to light industry, fleets of boats parked on the streets and empty  moody streets at four in the morning. 
Rusty was trotting off ahead, we were alone and the night was a profound black overhead. 
These parked boats would never be permitted in the City of Key West. I think this would be an issue if Stock Island were ever annexed to the city. From time to time you will hear noises about annexation but things would have to change pretty drastically on Stock Island to join the city. Boats lined up like this would never pass muster:
I wonder how Key West will function if this neighboring island is converted into hotels and tourist infrastructure. 
Croissants de France has a store on Duval but they have opened a bakery and outlet on Stock Island, to much acclaim.
I saw this trailer doing brisk business at the artisan market on the weekend:
Rusty lost interest and led me back to he car. I guess he is a Key West kind of dog, and not so much Stock Island. I quite enjoyed the walk through the darkness.