Wednesday, April 21, 2010

BPK Ramble

So this is where my blog is meant to be, among the mangroves and salt water of southern Florida. Tomorrow is Earth Day and all the high anxiety of rising water levels, increasing carbon dioxide and exhaust gas pollution will dominate the news cycles for twenty four hours. Here in the Keys where the sun shines and dogs ramble, every day is Earth Day for me, drinking my rainwater, recycling my trash, composting and growing vegetables.
In another critique of modern life we are told a household pet like Cheyenne produces as many harmful emissions as a gas guzzling vehicle, a critique I shrug off on the grounds she was saved from a shelter not purchased as a toy. Perhaps she misses mountains and valleys but she seems to enjoy these rambles where the views are not of leafy hills but salt water and empty horizons.Landscaping without watering is the theory of modern gardening. Support local plants they say not evil Brazilian peppers flowing prettily, as many nasty invasive species are wont to do. The Florida Keys, where the gumbo limbo peels coyly... ...and the sea grapes lose their leaves......and cretinous humans feel compelled to leave their idiotic marks:
Puffy summer clouds are building... ...bringing a promise of future rain. I have no doubt someone will warn ominously of an unusually powerful destructive hurricane season to come, starting June 1st. The heat is building and Cheyenne needs water. She prefers muddy puddles a choice not preferred by humans around the globe many of whom lack access to clean reliable drinking water.A broken trap looks like a lounge chair from a distance, garbage washes up on every coastline including ours.
Mud is drying as we wait for the end of the dry season.
The sun is already scorching hot and I am glad to have put 50 degree (10C) days well behind us. My fervent hope is that climate change isn't a harbinger of permanently colder winters for us down here.
Not many beach combing snow birds are left.
Blue skies and green water and a very narrow strip of gravelly sand.
Home Sweet Home.
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