Thursday, September 6, 2018


The first thing they tell you is everything will take longer than you expect. A week in the hospital feels like forever but it’s nothing. I am still shitting in the bed no chance of even a bed pan. 
They roll me and pull out turd covered sheets as needed. So humiliating for a 60 year old adult. 

Fortunately the other party is 100 percent at fault according to the Highway Patrol. But it takes time and money to repair a pelvic bone and a femur. 

A little at a time as Chris lovely Philippine male nurse puts it. He is excited to get a much desired Tesla on Friday to help save the environment for his kids as he puts it. 

My wife shared the room at first though now KWPD has put her up in a hotel to help her sleep. 

And so it goes at Jackson south. Great people but damn am am I tired of being here!