Thursday, December 12, 2019

Light On Water

I will confess straight up I am not a huge fan of sunrise photography and it must be obvious by now that there are tons of "Sunrise and Sunset Over Key West" pictures plastered all over the web. So I opt out! The thing is I have no idea what a sunrise represents except a band of colors. I see no art and no struggle in trying to express a sunrise in some interesting fashion. I suppose if Glamis Castle were the subject illuminated by a  rising sun....or something...but this is the location of my favorite (and only) hill in the Lower Keys. The Old Bahia Honda Bridge dirt railway ramp has now become a limestone hill but the sunrise especially on a  cloudless  morning is what it is.
 I liked this one, another reminder that most trees killed by Hurricane Irma are dead dead and not coming back. The half dead trees are sprouting leaves but the dead dead ones are firewood nowadays.
A mad thought - a black and white sunrise. I acted on a whim, impulsively as usual but the result I quite liked as I sat and waited for Rusty to finish crashing through the bushes. 
 As we walked along the bike path separated from traffic by a convenient cement barrier I noticed a man sharing the space with me. He apparently likes sunrises a good deal more than me as he was all equipped with a  tripod on a precarious rocky island ready for any surprise moves by Apollo on his ascent into the heavens (I mean the sun coming up).
I was grateful to him, as he gave me a sunrise story to photograph and he looked like a print from an early book on the art of photography.  
 With the sun safely up and the photographer hot footing it back to the car with apparently dry feet I turned my attention to a  bird on a  rock. And give the pelican credit it had chosen an excellent spot to perch with scenic views far and wide.
A  sparkling crisp morning it was and a thoroughly enjoyable moment unless you were a dog more interested in dead seaweed in which case any day with a reasonable low tide is a great day.
 We followed the pelicans examples and made like leaves and blew. 
 On the subject this is a much better way I think to enjoy the act of a rising sun.
 But once risen the shadows are black and the sunlight is bright and I like that.
 Except Rusty was rendered almost invisible so here he is relaxing after his labors.