Thursday, August 7, 2014

Sombrero Beach, Marathon

Cheyenne and I lived alone for more than two weeks while my wife went to see friends in California and spent half a week in New York city with her sister. It was tiresome living life alone, frankly, doing chores, going to work, and even looking after my dog. One tends to forget how organized one must be to live alone. 
But I was never properly alone with those two brown eyes following y every movement and a large yellow tail wagging wildly when I got home at the crack of dawn...So on my day off last week Cheyenne and I took a drive across the Seven Mile Bridge, me to shop at Publix in an effort to keep the kitchen stocked with vaguely edible foods, she to check out Sombrero Beach. Her program was more interesting so I went with her.
I was last here three years ago (!) but I first came with my camera in 2008 and brilliantly messed up my Picasa account and lost some of the pictures...It hasn't changed much over the years and it is still one of the best beaches in the Keys. It's a sad fact that in a world filled with information a lot of people still come to the rocky narrow Keys expecting to see this and being disappointed:
Of course one byproduct of living alone is I am totally disorganized and I did not bring a swimsuit for some reason that escapes me, so we wandered around leashed together like a couple of overdressed idiots on a hot July day. Luckily the park behind the beach is properly shaded, grassy and comfortable. 
Cheyenne felt the need to check all of it out so we did, one flower bed, one pavilion at a time.
 The toilets are vast spacious buildings large enough to rate as McMansions almost, in Key West:
There is a children's playground, there are information boards all over the place offering inquiring minds all sorts of news about the creatures that call the Middle Keys home. 
 There is a certain amount of whimsy here too.
The beach at Bahia Honda State Park is about 45 minutes north of Key West and it is usually where people go for a day at the beach as there is actual sand there. Very nice it is too. However this place is free, dog friendly which Bahia Honda beaches are not and you can eat out, go shopping and even see a movie in town if you feel like it. All modern conveniences in Marathon, the second largest city in the Keys. 
People were in the park exercising alongside my dog and I ambling. The need to carry potable water at all times (no exceptions) might lead you to think this town is a desert but it's not and I am reliably informed water may be obtained in more than one place in the Middle Keys if a passer by is struck by thirst. I am not fond of carrying water as it is heavy and wet and tastes less than delicious when warmed uniformly in my hand.
 I got this rather impressive aerial view of this lovely beach from Marathon's expansive website.
Shopping done we went home, Cheyenne more interested in cleaning her feet than posing in some cute manner for my camera. Irritating dog.