Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Dog In The Mangroves

Sod it, it's the weekend and I'm off this weekend so it's time to mark the weekend with a few pictures of the lovely Lower Keys. Did I mention it's the weekend and I'm off work?

Cheyenne is a grade A pain in the ass sometimes. all she wants is urban walks where trash is strewn deep and pizza crusts are lying around discarded and there for the taking.

I miss my walks in the mangroves and sometimes I have to persuade princess she needs to go back to nature a bit and enjoy the Great Outdoors. She rewards me by taking a salt water bath which requires I stoop to give her a freshwater shower when we get home. Thanks Cheyenne.

I can't complain though because we had a nice little stroll on Little Torch Key, my Labrador and I. I even got to play with the settings on my camera. I'm not sure the results were worth it... though she does look a bit 19th century in this next picture.

The natives are not necessarily friendly, though their signs could occasionally do with a lick of paint if they are to carry through the necessary promise of severity.



There used to be a cell phone tower of some sort but mysteriously it has been disappeared. It was massive too and now it's just not there anymore. Had I not found the old anchors still in place I might has thought I dreamed the whole thing.

Nope, it's definitely gone though the compound is still there. I wish I had seen them, whoever they are, taking down that huge spidery tower.

It was a good walk, apparently.

I'd sleep the whole weekend away if she'd let me.