Monday, June 7, 2021

Streets Of Key West

I asked to make his picture and I said you look happy. "I am happy" he replied so I didn't bother to ask him his name. Enough said. 
Happy was on Fitzpatrick Street behind Rick's where other people were working on attaining his state of happiness.
And more happiness seekers at the tree bar next door. The usual light crowds on Duval Street on a warm Spring afternoon.
Everywhere has reopened and though a  few "masks must be worn signs" are in evidence on some businesses I saw a couple of people wearing face coverings.
The Bull:
I don't wear  a mask in public unless the sign on the door of the business asks me to. Maria Luisa Paparini did not raise her son to be impolite to people earning a living.
Daniel Linehan noted around town for his Sharpie Van all etched in ink by hand by the man.  He seems to have run out of space and was drawing lines on paper.
The Bull from the outside:
Long Live The Conch Republic: a state of mind.
All Hail The Goliath Grouper:
He was tossing vaguely unsuccessfully a coin in the grouper's mouth. All mild good fun in Key West of an afternoon.