Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Long Way Round To Southard

How do you like this fake helmet and it's suave message of support for women's rights? I should put the same sticker on my half helmet but I don't play with Cheyenne's, so it might not be accurate. We were wandering the loading area in back of Wendy's on Duval at Eaton. Across the street the tropically endowed St Paul's Cathedral.Cheyenne had her mind on less metaphysical considerations. I am convinced that when Armageddon finally arrives I am going to make out like a bandit with Cheyenne showing me the way to food stashes under every bush. We wandered for a while but the next photo opportunity came at the Whitehead Street Main Post Office. This concrete marker is a monument to the sinking of USS Maine in Havana in 1898.This is a local residentially challenged resident was discreetly assembling her possessions out of sight and out of mind. It must be terrible to be invisible among so many people.
This path across the grass illustrates to me the reason why architects must go, come the revolution. Why is it that in parking lots and around buildings across America we find paved paths that lead nowhere useful such that we the people are forced to cut our own trails across the landscape? You'd think a qualified planner could figure this stuff out, but apparently not.
The seat of government, and perhaps of power in Monroe County, Florida. Courts, old jail and clock tower, all in one view from the rear.The Freeman Justice center flags were flying half way down the pole to allow room for the Flag of Death at the top. I imagine it was to mark the recent shooting in Arizona of assorted dignitaries and citizens.
Back down here on Earth we find those nonsensical signs proliferating. My dog is fine thank you.Across the street from the Green Parrot we saw this guy measuring the overhead signs.
This guy was watching and noting down the numbers. Three of us made it our job to try to make the dude with the pole smile. We did better than the photo shows.
Watch out for clumps of mad bicycle tourists...
I can't remember why I took this next picture but here it is anyway. Write your own caption. The Green Parrot, the last or first bar on Highway One depending on your point of view.Cheyenne found one more unconsidered trifle lying around.I expect they were drinking something stronger than a warm glass of water.Turning back east on Southard Street we passed the Honda motorcycle and outboard shop. It was, to put it politely, in it's usual state of disarray.
I couldn't see in the windows properly to admire the merchandise they were so filthy. I am always glad to know Jiri on Stock Island has my motorcycle back, as it were.Bougainvillea over a white gate. And just as a reminder that cold weather seems endless this winter like last, here we see shrouded walkers on Duval- and some not so shrouded.Mr Z's isn't quite the 24-hour shop some might like but it stays open till the bars close with sticky cheesy food.Eclectic traffic approaching Duval on Southard. And there we were heading back to the car; walk completed.