Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Death By 'täkō

The correct spelling of this eatery is in the title of this essay. Oddly enough unless you notice a very small banner off to one side you would never know there was anything to eat here at Mellow Ventures, where they offer boating and paddle boarding and snorkeling trips.
And very good food, it turns out. The tacos aren't cheap food, not by any means even though they are essentially bar food. Our came with jalapenos and a dip, and we took one each, a duck and a flank steak (they were out of short ribs that day). The duck was rather mild and not terribly flavorful but the beef was rich and strong and by far the more delicious. 
Customers came and went from the bar and when we entered the seats were full so we took a couch off to one side with a low table next to the outfitters part of the building. The place is nicely done up and if you are okay with wine and beer this could make a pleasant hang out. Their range of craft draft beers was decent enough even though we forced to drink water as it was the middle of the day and we had stuff to deal with after lunch.
I suppose you can call this an outfitters but it doesn't look too Hudson Bay Company to me. T- shirts and baseball caps are the daily uniform around here so don't think you are outfitted. 
They  came and they  went and we lingered and made plans. I am not really a barfly  by trade but this place is inviting. 
I can see  the patio area being a useful spot in the winter even though summer has just started to really kick in, with thunder and rain and high humidity. From now through Fantasy Fest and  a little beyond the air will be sticky. I will be sticky unless I am enjoying the benefits of air conditioning and let me tell you I like artificial air. I have lived in the tropical tropics without it and life is much better with it. Modern architecture leaves most if us very little choice. 
So on a bright hot sticky afternoon a toilet can be a fabulous retreat, shady and dark, impeccably appointed and intriguingly decorated - with air conditioning! I quite liked the loo at Mellow Ventures. 
On that note we had work to do so we did it. Another score for the staycation.