Sunday, October 27, 2013

Masquerade March Part 4, Fantasy Fest 2013




A spectator at the Masquerade March Friday evening.

William strangling Heather, as one does.



One scandal that won't die is the local family that got involved in stealing meter money from the city. I was surprised to see it back on the street:















Do free drinks get your vote?


I knew we were getting close to the end when a sunset vendor muscled through the line en route downtown....

It was old fashioned silly fun. I had a good time, ninety minutes out of my life I'll never get back.

Masquerade March Part3, Fantasy Fest 2013

From the Masquerade March of Friday evening these pictures with a final batch appearing tonight at six.










"Officers! Frisk me!" This heavily medicated woman pleaded. The 'officers' looked perplexed indicating to me they were more village people blooded frisked of anything with curves. Oh well. I should have gone for my police polo shirt...

I asked this guy if riding his Metropolitan scooter was cheating. "Oh yes," he said. Good job I told him as I got his picture.

Does this guy look happy or what:


All in bondage dragging along (above) and hanging out chatting: