Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Things To Do

The freshly paved William Street approach to the new Marker Resort is a reminder that money talks. Caroline Street nearby is an abysmal street, rutted and torn enough that you could get bounced off a scooter by the imperfections of the roadway. The city has plans to make the whole area look like this, properly paved, with kerbs, sidelwaks and everything, including landscaping.
For the time being Lazy Way Lane which runs between the brand new Marker and the funky Schooner Wharf is still a one way street though this sort of circle seems to indicate that access could be closed anytim.
I ask myself how long a loud music venue like Schooner Wharf will last next to a carefully landscaped fenced  hotel next door. For some its music for others its noise and Old Town tourist businesses are always struggling to straddle that fine line.
Though I noticed the Marker did participate in the Wine and Food Festival event last weekend, one of several resorts with sold out events. For everyone else the waterfront is he place to stroll and admire the boats and take pictures. Just like me, looking for signs to catch my eye.
50% off today only! Sure, hurry on in before they refuse to sell you something. Advertising is so weird.
 Another event that passed me by, no wine and food for the workers, no art either..!
It's winter time and Key West is busy.