Saturday, May 16, 2015

Truman Waterfront

I like coming down to the waterfront at night and feeling the breeze and...finding murals I hadn't previously noticed:
Kafkaesque is I think the word for that. Sturdy normality is the word for the USCG Cutter Ingham, now a floating museum and the prime spot to watch the sunset of an evening.
The city has had these 34 acres for more than a decade, handed over by the Navy to use as the city wishes. Indecision has kept the land empty and unused.
I fear any changes will hardly be an improvement considering the city's track record of overdeveloping and pandering to the moneyed classes so I hold my breath and hope that things just stay the same for a while longer.
The outer mole across the Navy Basin, all lit up, waiting for a cruise ship or a Navy ship, whoever comes next:
The shipyard condos, former Navy officer housing now worth millions. From 2008: Truman Waterfront Then
The city has a plan to connect the Westin Hotel waterfront to Truman waterfront across the gut of water called Admiral's Cut, thus creating a walkway all the way to the ferry terminal on Grinnell Street. I'd love that but of course that's nowhere in sight.
All change, nothing changes for once. I'll keep coming back to remember this delightful gift of open space filled with nothing.