Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Lost In The Woods

Cheyenne for  reasons known only to her took off one morning and abandoned paved roads, neighborhoods and garbage cans.  
It was lovely in its own damp way, a walk we haven't done in a  while which was maybe why my opinionated dog figured it was time to revisit the puddles and marshes of the pine forests that give Big Pine key it's name. That and the fact that Big Pine is the second largest Key, behind Key Largo.
 So I played with my camera settings and let herself do whatever it was she wanted to do in the bushes. Labrador fun.

 Oh and then there is the vegetation.

 Poisonwood with the black splotches will get you a nice rash if you let the sap rub your skin.
 30 miles from Duval and lost in the woods. A whole other world.