Thursday, May 17, 2018

Two Weeks

I was away barely two weeks and staying up all night getting yelled at by people in distress was not one of the things I missed. Riding my  scooter was.
 It was sunny in Scotland and rainy in Italy so the upside down nature of the weather might as well continue with daily drenchings in sunny Florida:
 My slow recovery from sickness meant my dog got miniature walks, brief escapes where I could sit and cough and blow my nose and watch him amuse himself.
 A parking lot and fishing bridge alongside the Overseas Highway would do.
 The weather was odd enough that sensible people were at work or indoors, not fishing.
 Rusty made the most of his thrity minutes of running around to watch the world go by. 
 Being free like tat, not tied up or fenced in gives him the latitude to sit and watch and think, 
I don't think he blamed me for my feeble state of health but like me he probably expected more after my extended absence from his daily life.