Saturday, August 15, 2015

Decorating in Key West

From My Sickbed:

Hi Michael,

"I have run out of essays as I struggle to shake off this awful fever." Well buddy, here in the south we usually take a sick friend a pot of chicken soup or some such nonsense. It is obvious that what your are in need of is not soup but an essay. So said Garythetourist. Thanks Gary.


Two phrases never applied to Key West; "Cookie-cutter" and "plain Jane." Those phrases don't apply to the architecture, to the sunsets, and certainly not to the locals. If something is perceived as ordinary, it is quickly adorned and decorated until it fits in with the rest of the funky, quirky island.


Naturally, houses are decorated so that a plain white wall demands a gecko...


the space between porch columns calls for a necklace of brittle stars...

and one simply can't have a stylish doorway without a fish...

and that fish may reside near the decorated mailbox sporting a manatee or a dolphin or a cat...

And the ever present big green trash can made up nicely with a fish

And next to a utility pole displaying Key West folk art critter things.

Every mode of transportation demands embellishment; a scooter enhanced with Marley and marijuana

While the cage sports images reminding us of the reef as it was in years past

Bicycles tricycles dogs fences and graves and trees and boats and kiosks nothing is free of ornaments baubles trinkets knick knacks and spangle. Everything from the lowly concrete block to the flat horizon; everything is made a bit more special by a bit of art and the unmistakable mark of the extraordinary.

Shine on Key West and avoid the plague of cookie cutter plane Jane like the plague.