Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Country Skies

This has been a winter of clouds and rain and cold fronts like the good old days. For  quite a few years it had seemed like winters were going to be bland and warm butthis year we have revertted to what seems to me to be normal.
Cloudy skies make for great pictures but sometimes you need a fur as thick as Rusty's to keep no-see-ums and mosquitoes at bay because before the cold front arrives it gets hot and muggy and the insects thrive. In a related matter the Key West City Commission caught a lot of people by surprise when they passed the first reading of an ordinance banning sunscreens with an ingredient considered harmful to coral reefs. Naturally skeptics argued the science isn't conclusive and there is some  uncertainty as to whether the commission will pass it on the second and critical reading, but in the meantime Key West has taken a weirdly green eco vote in a  town that prefers to avoid such brash statements of public intent.
I look up at these cloudy skies and notice the sun struggling to peak through. Which is another reminder that the Sunshine State is woefully short of solar panels. 
It has been my contention that some smart person needs to figure out a way to make solar panels profitable for utility companies and then their use will flourish. The problem as I see it is that solar energy doesn't offer the providers of the electrical grid infrastructure a chance to make a buck or two. Put in a panel, or an array and wire it up and that's that. I think we need to offer incentives, not as grants or tax cuts, but profit motives to energy providers to use solar. How to do that I haven't a clue, but innovation only comes when someone makes money off it.
I have found  a quiet spot  away from the highway and it has become my refuge for me my rolling walker and my camera. I see birds here usually in the distance...
Occasionally a cyclist comes by,  a silent speedy dot...
Or  we get a wave from mosquito vector control out checking their traps for signs of activity. 
But mostly I sit in my rolling walker or I stand and do some cloud gazing.

Me and Rusty together in peace and quiet.

Under the cloudy, glowing skies: