Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Big Coppitt Boat Ramp

It's a big body of  water looking south from Highway One past Big Coppitt on your way to Big Pine Key exactly at Mile Marker 11. Every time I drive by I wanted to stop and stare.
Sometimes I do stop and pull my camera out. Lately it has been as flat as the proverbial millpond.
Exactly how I like it best. I find these views breathtaking. Rusty just roots around ignoring me.
Off to the right (the west more precisely) the waterfront homes in Big Coppitt are on the horizon.
Close by a  few boats live at anchor their owners living life ashore with cars parked on the shoulder. Affordable housing is where you find it and in all the years I have been commuting these residents have caused me no bother at all as I pass by. I find their boats picturesque.
This is how I enjoy the ocean. I know one is supposed to prefer dramatic coastlines and crashing waves, such as I saw every day in Santa Cruz California, but the tranquility of the shallow coastal waters of the Keys in summer is perfection.
Big Coppitt is at Mile Marker Ten, about 15 minutes from the middle of Key West is a bedroom community that offers slightly more affordable housing with the possibility of normal sized lots, houses on stilts (cheaper to insure) and easy water access with canals and ramps. The worst downside to me is the noise from jets flying overhead from neighboring Boca Chica. Its a political issue with people predictably screeching at each other about jet noise the pro faction chuntering about patriotism and the anti faction about their eardrums.. I appreciate the need for fighter pilot training but I choose not to live in their flight path. If you choose to live around here be prepared for lots of subsonic aircraft noise, and then don't complain when you have to live with it..
This boat in the picture below put me in mind of somewhere distant and tropical and mysterious: it;'s not really, that's just my imagination going into overdrive.
Rusty is not a water dog.

I casn't seem to get away from turtles lately. Here's another one:
Water that still almost makes me think a turtle's life can't be as bad as they say.
One in one thousand eggs grows to maturity. I can't get that statistic out of my mind.