Sunday, April 17, 2016

Dorn Road, Big Torch Key

I took these pictures last week on a cloudy gray day that threatened rain, and Rusty won't get out of the car if it's raining. A product possibly of too many nights as a stray in the rain.
Dorn Road is about five miles long zig zagging from Middle Torch Key to the very end of the road on the northern tip of Big Torch. It's among the longest side trips from Highway One as the total road is over seven miles long between Big Pine and Key West. Sugarloaf Boulevard to the end of the road is six miles long, a mile shorter than the road crossing Middle and Big Torch Keys combined.
On the half mile causeway that joins the two Torch Keys is a little spur pointing south. I wondered if Rusty would enjoy it.  It turns out he did very much. Enough to bore me rigid so started playing with the iPhone camera shooting clouds and water and mangroves, and of course my Carolina Dog..
He had fun, running and sniffing and checking stuff out. I waited for the rain...
I wouldn't know a Torchwood Tree if it reared up and bit me in the face, but apparently it is a hardwood that burns well, hence the name. The shrub also gave its name to three islands in these parts known as Little Middle and and Big Torch Keys.
Little Torch sits astride Highway One nearer to Big Pine Key and it's not that Little compared to Middle Torch. Also Little Torch is the most heavily populated. Big Torch has a few homes on it but it is largely devoid of humans and the last couple of houses on Dorn Road don't have electricity. When the light poles run out you know you are close to the end of the road.

 A coconut shell carefully placed on a mangrove branch.

 Why did the dog run down the street?
Because he had places to explore.