Thursday, May 21, 2020

Water Reflections

Sunrise and wind, shiny palm fronds fluttering, I sopped by the side of the road and pulled out my camera. It was a relief to see sun and not rain.
I parked in the greenest leafiest area of Key West, Casa Marina, and set off with Rusty. I saw a little humor in the zen van sitting patiently under the weight and indignity of a fallen palm frond. Rusty said nothing so perhaps it wasn't that  funny.
After the rain the air is crisp and clear and colors are brighter.
I hope before too long these signs will become part of the folklore of a time in the misty past. Doesn't seem likely just yet. 
Slowly the flooding will shrink and as the rainy season sets in flooding becomes part of the summer way of life. As the country re-opens I hear people pondering whether the way we live under lock down will persist when things are allowed to get back to normal.
Everything I have read about past times of crisis indicate things will most likely go back to the way they were because stasis is easiest for people and we all prefer the easiest path we are told. Some of us don't but you can't generalize about exceptions.
It's odd to find oneself envying the general indifference of a flower which buds and blooms with not a care in the world about coronavirus or any other pandemic.It does it beautifully too.