April 6, 2020
The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office is beginning to report fake hurricane resident re-entry stickers on cars trying to sneak through the two checkpoints coming into the Florida Keys.
Local government leaders set up checkpoints on U.S. 1 and State Road 905 more than two weeks to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Only people who live, own property or work in the Keys are allowed into the chain of islands at this time.

Sheriff’s Office deputies started seeing the counterfeit stickers on Saturday, Sheriff Rick Ramsay said Monday. Deputies confiscated about 10 stickers on Saturday and a considerable amount more on Sunday; “bags full of stickers,” Ramsay said.
Motorists, mostly from Miami-Dade County, told deputies they bought the stickers from counterfeiters on the mainland, Ramsay later told The Citizen. None of the motorists were cited or charged criminally, Ramsay said.
“This is making our jobs a lot harder,” Ramsay said. “We are trying to make our community safer.”
Ramsay and other local leaders discussed the issue during a conference call on Monday morning. Ramsay called on county and Keys cities leaders to stop issuing new hurricane re-entry stickers.