Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bahia Honda Beach

I have been thinking quite a bit lately about the end of the swimming season.I expect that in another month the water will be cold enough that I shan't enjoy swimming anymore so I'm taking advantage of the heat. Apparently I'm not alone: Bahia Honda ("deep bay") is only fifteen minutes from my house and it's a pleasant ride on the Highway, so I've been visiting quite a bit.I've mentioned elsewhere that I have an annual State Parks pass which makes the decision to go and hang out at one of the nicest beaches in the Keys pretty easy:I like to swim but for visitors from out of town the relatively clear waters of the Keys make snorkeling a worthwhile activity: The old Bahia Honda bridge makes for a popular backdrop for pictures and I'm a sucker for puffy white clouds against a blue background.Not forgetting the abundance of palm trees:For some people seagulls are rats with feathers, for others they are objects of fascination:
The family that swims together has a really good time. My best memories of my mother were hanging out at the beach on vacation:It's a tough life hanging out at the beach in the keys in September.
Ideal footwear for the beach. This is how they wear them in Canada: Which is bobskoot's attempt to humiliate me. Of course if he trips wearing his pink crocs he gets free treatment in Canada's socialist health care system. We hold a bake sale to pay the free market hospital. Humiliation comes in lots of different forms.