Monday, December 7, 2015

Key West Mobility

Wandering around downtown I was thinking about how people get around in Key West. Years ago I was getting on my scooter on Duval Street and some  loud person was telling out of town friends that all you need to get around in Key West is a scooter. Which strictly speaking is not true if you have any desire to go anywhere out of town...but there are lots of them parked everywhere and for free, so they are a good deal.
There are some people who pack their life onto a bicycle or onto a trailer and tow it with a bicycle. Bicycles are popular too of course on a flat island and as you can see pretty much ignore the traffic rules as often as they can.
There are bike racks all over the place and they are often filled with bicycles that to all intents and purposes appear abandoned, rusty, flat  tires, missing seats and stuff like that. And some sport fancy luggage racks, fresh from the winery:
I noticed fancy new street painting in front of the Half Shell Raw bar. Cheyenne seemed intent on inspecting it but that's just how she walks:
The other way to get around, nit surprisingly is by dinghy. For people who live across the water from Key West the dinghy docks at Key West Bight near Turtle Kraals are indispensable. They pay a small fee by the day week or month and have a relatively safe place to leave their boats:
Some people park them behind the mother ship:
Re-cycling at Key West Bight, a play on words when taking pictures of cycles...
Another Key West recycler, not as efficient as Cheyenne but still:
Like I said the bike racks get pretty disheveled in daily use:
Don't do what locals do, is what I keep telling visitors, as you never know what privileges they have that you don't. Case in point:
And if all else fails walk around key West and when at Publix you can get one of these oddities as you walk round the grocery store:
Frankly I think walking is one of the best ways to get around town as you will see more and be truly free of traffic constraints.