Monday, September 30, 2019

End Of The Month

Working during the day has it's compensations I have discovered, not least that in breaks before or after or during shifts I can be outdoors in sunlight. I try to spend as much time as I can at the gym but sometimes twenty minutes appears magically in my life and I can walk around a block camera in hand. 
It seems like there is always something to see in lining the streets of this fair city.
Royal poinciana, also known as a flame tree with some lovely red flowers still flaming nicely relatively late in the year.
 Sunlight on leaves. Me and Art are as one....
 I think these are yellow trumpets but what drew me to take the picture was the matching yellow trim on the house behind.

 Common as dirt around here and always lovely: frangipani.  Lots of activity in nature as the rest of the country prepares to go dormant for the winter.
And then I was out with Rusty going for mangrove stroll, a lovely way to decompress after taking emergency calls at work.

And look at this! Patience is a virtue and keeping a weather eye open is as well. I saw a black lump on a tree in the distance and wondered what it might be. Thanks to the astonishing throw of the telephoto lens built into the Panasonic FZ1000 I managed to pull in a clear view a white crowned pigeon. They says there are 7500 pairs remaining in South Florida and they have been hunted mercilessly in the Caribbean.
 They fly great distances including across water, perch on surprisingly small branches (witness above) and rarely touch ground. They are also described as surprisingly acrobatic swinging around branches to find food, especially surprising given their bulk. I have seen flocks of pigeons but from below as they pass at speed you'd never know they were anything more interesting than the run of the mill pigeons seen everywhere. That was a nice find even though the photo it must be said is a bit "soft" (photographer talk for fuzzy) at that vast distance. Very cool. 
Time to drive home.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Truman Waterfront

Lunch beak when you work day shift can inspire you to fight ridiculously disorganized traffic in Old Town to break out on the water at Truman Waterfront Park.  My inclination leads me to the Bight where I can walk on the docks and the boardwalk and look at things like boats. So every now and again I have to tear myself away and break my habits. Friday was a warm day for a sunny waterfront.
My recent trio to Chicago was a surprisingly easy series of flights but flying remains my least favorite form of travel so even though they were up there air conditioned with splendid views I was not envying them.
I captioned this one on Instagram as a bench in need of an occupant. It looked enticing in real life, even in the sun.
For some people Waterfront Park merited a been there, done that sweep through the parking lot, but even for me on a mere lunch break time was not enough.
Truman Annex, the original Key West gated community peeps over the boundary fence and as neat and tidy as the Annex is, the Waterfront Park isn't giving anything up in the order stakes. 
It is open space as I never imagined to find here after the city converted the former Navy Base into a park. All plans for development took a back seat to paths, grass, exercise stations, a kids water park and lots of trees.
The original cement wharf must have been too much to dig up and it, along with the ships' mooring cleats are all still in place and make for an excellent bicycle area. Or fishing if you fele like lounging on a waterside bench. 
Only service vehicles come down here:
Another empty bench, proof positive snow bird season has yet to begin.

Not much happening on land, more happening on the water:
Margaritaville Resort next door but still inaccessible from here:

The cruise ship is docked at the Margaritaville Pier B:

Parasailing returns:
A perfect day in Paradise, so naturally I had to head back to work.

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Truman Annex

I found myself waiting to go to a movie at the Tropic Cinema just around the corner so I wandered through Truman Annex with my camera. I haven't been here ina  while and the whole place looks pretty much the same...
I'm not a fan of gated communities but who cares what I like. I wouldn't live in Truman Annex even if I could easily afford to, but lots of people like the idea of living in Key West but without the mess and color and vibrancy of a noisy populated Old Town.
The developer of this property created a style of housing that is now known as "the Key West style." It's a style reminiscent of Old Town Conch cottages but all gussied up. It's very effective  and seems to sell well, and not just here.
This used to be the Navy Base in Key West but when the land was put up for sale a young man who first came to Key West as a youthful homeless urchin sleeping in doorways as the legend has it put in a bid. He had to have a second go as the first bid bankrupted him but he got it done and is now one of those few families that have made millions off Key West.  
I like the doggie bags as outside dogs are NOT allowed in Truman Annex. Rusty has never stepped in here.
However even here loose chickens have made their way...seen in the distance...actual wildlife! 
Through all the gates there is tidal water at the Margaritaville Resort Docks:

Then there is the major tourist attraction which is  the  Little White House where President Truman liked to spend time during his presidency. It was more as a working vacation than an actual period of time off though he did walk around town and fish and do that sort of stuff.

In the Key West  style:

Try and figure how to locate this street address:

Navy officer housing converted into splendid apartments at splendid prices:
Meanwhile around the corner the masses line up for the ferry to Sunset Key and Latitudes restaurant for lunch:
A Portuguese cruise ship. Never seen one of those before in the Southernmost City.
I used to work in that corner of the marina prepping Stiletto catamarans to take tourists sailing round the harbor. After I got my job at the police department I allowed my Master's 50 ton license to elapse. I'm not real keen to go sailing for money again though it was okay while it lasted.