Saturday, November 15, 2014

Key West Dusk

The Angelina guest house always looks picturesque, and it was the sight of it glowing in the dying of the light that convinced me to pull out my phone and record the moment.
When you tell strangers you live in Florida this is not what they imagine when they think of your hometown:
We are gearing up for a drive Up North in two weeks- Thanksgiving with friends in Georgia at Jekyll Island for a traditional meal. But finally it seems my Vespa is just about ready and the restorer says it will be ready to be loaded in the trailer in next week. Damn! So when I think of people asking me where I'm from that's what I'm thinking about. They think of Del Boca Rio and I think of this: 
 Or this, a banal county government parking lot, filled with light and shade and trees and mystery under the deep blue canopy. a 75  degree night in November is perfect.
 All American picket fences and yet so rare and unusual.
The Freeman Justice  Center is  fairly new but it was built in the traditional brick style of Southern Courthouses. Fewer Palladian flourishes perhaps but still it fits in with the original courthouse without being a Taj Mahal on the scale of that built for the administration of justice in Tallahassee.
In point of fact the architects brilliantly forgot to make provision for jurors needing to be screened for entry so they spent almost a million more dollars to create a jury  atrium in the back. I well remember doing my bit by snaking round the parking lot in baking sun clutching my sweaty disintegrating summons in my hand one July. They remembered to build extra secure parking. It has to be best parking in Old Town Key West. 
Fleming Street looking east toward Duval and the fleshpots of bars and crowds.  
Sunset comes early and its dark around six in the evening. One compensation is that I get to see some spectacular skies now, but in the evening and the morning as the transition coincides closely with my beginning and end of night shift.