Sunday, November 15, 2020

Carsten Lane

I enjoy walking the Fleming Street and Southard Street corridors with my camera, places that Rusty has not lately shown any interest in. So on a lunch break from work and thus dog-free I came saw and photographed. First things first Michael's Restaurant, the steak place, is to be replaced it seems by a fish place possibly?.
I ambled off under the trees down Margaret toward the cemetery. Old Town Key West always gives a great return to someone paying attention.
I passed the Old Harris School looking mysterious and castle-like through the shrubbery.


A particular splash of color deserves the color treatment at the corner of the lane.

Once again a red door merited a flash of color, I thought. 
Traveler's Palms. Said to contain nasty tasting potable water inside the stems  supposedly good for travelers in distress. I've never been so desperate.
Oops there's something standing out...
I saw a small pun through the bushes lining Carsten Lane and focused the camera through the saplings at "Tree Man," which in this case could be said to be me...

Fence angle and house angle and not even using a wide angled lense.  
That was a fun lunch break.