Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Harbor Walk

A pretty little cottage, relatively recently built in the Key West style:
I have no botanical knowledge but I did like the look of these trumpets enjoying the recent rains:
The Ferry terminal built to handle traffic to Fort Myers and Miami ( which latter didn't work) may also be pressed into service to get people too and from Havana. There have been noises about starting Ferry Service from Marathon and I guess Key West can't have that so now the competition is on. The biggest hurdle it turns out is accommodating customs and immigration services. Apparently they need offices in the million dollar range before Ferry service can even be contemplated which I find rather odd as cruise ships show up here from abroad with thousands of passengers and the customs folks walk down the dock to handle the flow on the ships. But there we are, and one day we can only hope things will change. I am hoping for vehicle transport as well so I can go for weekend rides in the Sierra Maestra. That would transform life in these flat islands.. 
A huge storm rolled into the keys last week out of the west bringing honking winds and slashing drenching rain. It was so bad I actually drove the car to work one night.
Beautification in progress all around Caroline Street. New paving landscaping and striping:
And Cheyenne goes and finds a corner of old Key West tucked away out of tourist sight:
She doesn't walk as much anymore but she likes a nice lie down to watch the world go by.