Saturday, August 20, 2011

Square Grouper

I am very fond of the Square Grouper on Cudjoe Key, but the Wall Street Journal needs to taste the Key Lime Pie at Parrotdise up the road on Little Torch Key.

Besides we had our minds on a different dessert entirely.

Dolly and Robert met us for dinner and a planned round of miniature golf on the refurbished course at Boondocks. Dinner and conversation were so prolonged that we ended up canning golf which was a disappointment for me as I had been looking forward to it, but it was a work night for my wife and she has a tendency to overdo things.

Our server was Kerri and I know that spelling because at Square Grouper they have paper table cloths and wax crayons and she wrote her name in front of me. Service was prompt and with a smile which was good.

Dinner was elegant and delicious and and fun but it was pudding that was the point of food discussion- chocolate fondue.

Being as I am a man I wanted milk chocolate but got voted down, en masse and had to suffer through a pot of melted dark Belgian chocolate, dipping rice crispy treats, bananas, strawberries and pineapple chunks into the communal chocolate pot. My favorite are churro chunks, deep fried Mexican pastry...

Square Grouper is the place everyone should eat at least once but the odd thing is, it's easy to drive by at Mile Marker 23, and not notice a thing.

The building looks like a barn, advertising a beauty salon, oddly enough but inside it is warm and welcoming and lovely. And very popular, deservedly.

The name comes from the ironic designation of bales of marijuana frequently found abandoned and floating particularly in the 1970's. Go to lunch or dinner and check the photos in the loo.

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A Busy Dog

Cheyenne and I are having our regular routines interrupted by an out of town visitor (camera shy as it happens), but we are squeezing in time together.

The skies early in the morning have been spectacular with moisture filled clouds and a wild array of colors.

There is plenty of evidence of rain in the backwoods.

The mangroves are now sitting in puddles of water as it has been raining a lot, all across the Lower Keys.

The rain comes and goes but at last it is coming in the normal way and it makes for great skyscapes especially close to dawn and dusk.

It's August so the are no snowbirds walking their dogs at the pool this time of year and Cheyenne had the place to herself.

Looking across to Summerland Key the sunlight reflects off clouds and water.

But it's just me watching the sun come up.

Cheyenne is always a busy girl.

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Signs And More Signs

A colorful sign hard to miss, but I have to confess I was surprised to see the Masonic symbol on the bottom left-hand corner. Do Freemasons have a lodging handshake as well?

Stained glass of an elaborate nature is rare to see nowadays and I spent a little time contemplating this window. And the nature of the immortality of Fame. Cardinal John Henry Newman started out a Protestant, became a Catholic and died a Cardinal in 1890. Last year he was beatified and he is his name on a Methodist Church.

Beware of the dog, a banal and generally ugly sign on so many fences in this case made amusing by then other sign indicating the fearsome creature begs to be let out. Take him for lots of walks, I say, and like mine he will be delighted to be home.

A nicely gnawed sign here. On Duval Street where tourist traffic is highest, who cares? Not this lot.

Okay, I have a beef here. Nice shop good food, and it's not their fault but in Italian "panini" means sandwiches. One 'panino' is a single sandwich. To order a "panini" grates on my ears. Sorry, but it does.

Miracle of miracles, a recycling bin next to a trash can actually on. Duval Street. In a town that refuses to recycle this is nothing short of astonishing.

An actual miracle, more powerful even than the suggestion that the Blessed Cardinal Newman cured a deficient spine in a believer. A simple recycling bin. Wow! Watch out Seattle, Key West will soon be as green as you. Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves...

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