Monday, December 28, 2020

Blue Heron Watching

Walking in the mangroves I saw a cluster of blue herons including these four characters looking for trouble.  The nest builder looked like the odd-heron-out ringleader to me.
Winter brings a bunch more birds to places that a few weeks ago were sweltering hot and humid. And largely devoid of birds.
Winter in the Keys doesn't mean plants stop sprouting, not at all. This is frost free country around here.
Can you see the tiny strand of cobweb that caught the evening sunshine? I was attracted by the texture of the bark and I stayed for that little line of light.
Buttonwood blemishes, white and distinct. I could spend all day wandering through the wild shrubbery making still life pictures of stuff like this.

Half a dog.
A whole dog.

A seagrape leaf.
The sanctity of nature:
Juvenile delinquent with a mohawk. Possibly.