Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Unconsidered Trifles

Tropic Ocean Airways Cessna Grand Caravan flying overhead.  I thought it looked good but I know nothing about planes so I had to ask a friend for an identification of this strange bulbous looking plane. He said they are workhorses and fly people and stuff everywhere.  
And then I saw another plane overhead and I put it next to a tree for contrast. You can do that with a camera even if you can't sensibly afford a private plane to charter for yourself.
I like the contrast of shadows and light in the perennially sunny keys.
Gnarly mahogany. 
Gentle plaster cast at George Allen public housing:
Some days when I take a walk at lunch I want to go out and see the Key West not usually expressed in the millions of selfies and bright over saturated beach scenes.
Key West always has been a place of shadows and light and odd corners and funny little finds where people express their personalities or fail to follow the accepted paths of decoration and plant growing.
I would cover my house in bamboo (wife permitting) especially the type that doesn't walk everywhere and take over everything. I find the stuff fascinating.
There's a massive cement wall on Duncan Street just off  White Street. I drive by as often as I can. 
It's my kind of privacy fence. And offers some picture possibilities not found everywhere in a  town filled with wood and picket fences.  
Seek and ye shall find somewhere ion Key West. The pandemic gives me time to look.