Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Keys Fisheries

It happened that the day of the Big Wind, Monday, Rusty and I drove my wife to her job in Marathon where she had previously left her car. There's a walk Rusty likes past the commercial fishing traps which are full of smells, and I like it especially when I want to look at open water. Monday was good for that and i got a bunch of windy day pictures:
 Waiting out the 30+ mph winds:

 Fishing flaots tied down to not fly away:

Lobster pots by the hundred:

 The pier at Keys Fisheries which is also the breakwater for the marina:

 Last night we came for dinner and it was quite a bit calmer though the sunset was obscured by plastic windows to keep the breeze out of the oyster bar area upstairs. 
 Rusty and smokers (at the table next door) are permitted in this essentially outdoor bar. He was perfect as usual. 
My sister-in-law liked her Funky Buddha beer and oysters, a dish I find about as appetizing as it looks, cold snot flavored with sea salt. The fact the oysters are alive and are to be stunned with lemon makes the whole operation even more ghastly in my opinion, which is not shared by most people, I am aware.
 The crab claws were goodm the smoked fish superlative and the mussels were excellent. 
You turn north at the Stuffed Pig on Highway One in Marathon to find this place at the dead end. It's well worth it. They are famous for their lobster reuben sandwich and it really is quite good too.  
I was sorry we had to leave, I could have lingered over a Funky Buddha too.