Sunday, November 29, 2015

3 Monochrome Shots

I was downtown on a morning's slow amble with my elderly dog and she gave me time to compose three black and white pictures on Duval Street, this first at Johnny Rocket's restaurant of all places. She snuffled up some errant fries, I saw shadows and light overhead.
Across the street I saw this building as though for the first time, and I am reminded by it of the solid Georgian architecture brought to the Bahamas and the Caribbean by the British two centuries ago. I looked at the picture and wondered if I weren't in Nassau in the Bahamas or St George's in Grenada. 
For this last one I dumped Cheyenne's leash and let her drag it off across Kino Plaza while I tried to avoid a low hanging wire. Key West is covered in a  spider's web of wires which I usually just ignore as they are simply part of the landscape. Here though I wanted the uncluttered roof line of this peculiar little stucco square off Fitzpatrick Street.