Monday, October 13, 2014

The Meadows Dawn

Next month we go to winter time when dark mornings are rolled back a bit and dark evenings are rolled in as we fall back onto standard  time. Bummer. Cheyenne has been enjoying cool breezes and lower humidity but during the day highs still manage to get into the mid to upper 80s, so early morning walks are her preference. Princess rides on her throne in the back of the car.

Its at times like these, as a full moon hanging provocatively over the city that I wish I had a telephoto camera. The little white disc doesn't convey the full emotion. Of course underground wires would help too.
I have never been moved to be an Elk or a Shriner or a Moose so I am not completely sure what goes on inside these clubs but whatever exactly it is they have a great deal of room in which to do it.
 Early morning is the time to be out, and not just if you wear a fur coat. Clear skies, cool winds, no traffic on Ashe Street.
On seeing this sign in The Meadows I wondered if my Labrador might get consideration from incautious drivers...
Motorcycles, glorious daily riders of all shapes and sizes. Another reason to enjoy living in this year round riding climate. Even given the absence of twisty roads.
 The Key West commute, or the school bus variant if you prefer:
Power walking is more of a winter activity around here when people show up from more energetic parts of the country and stride about waving their arms and wearing suitably energetic clothing. They make me feel inadequate ambling around following my slow paced dog. 
 The Metropolitan Community Church on Petronia Street. God has a lot of adherents in Key West you'd imagine from all the churches. I sometimes wonder if their deity is rather more slack than the one I grew up with who eschewed gluttony and sloth and all those noisome vices that seem to thrive here alongside all the many churches. Perhaps its just a noisy few propagating vice and the silent majority populating the churches. I live in the county so I am exempt on both counts.