Thursday, May 17, 2012

600 Block Duval

There was a plan to create a pedestrian zone weekend evenings in this part of Duval Street.

The plan garnered massive interest and even support until merchants operating outside the two block area of the proposed pedestrian test zone complained.

They said the plan would be so successful it would draw customers away from the blocks of Duval still open to motorized traffic.

Outside the common sense free zone of the Conch Republic sharper minds might have suggested expanding the test pedestrian zone.

Instead fear of success grabbed the community by the throat and the whole pedestrian zone plan was tossed out. Things are just fine as they are. Eat drink and be merry for change has been banished from anybody's radical mind.

These gloomy thought were brought to my mind by the announcement of Fast Buck Freddie's impending closure, one of the reasons given (aside from Internet competition, ever present) was the absence of local shoppers from Duval.

Locals who plan to preserve their livers see little reason to shop on Duval. The pedestrian access plan was supposed to reverse that.

The 600 block got $32 of my dollars quite by accident. They are quite seriously worn out, are the pink Crocs purchased for me as a surprise by Amanda of the BVI blog, British Virgin Islands.

So when I saw Crocs in the sandal store I went in without much hope. Men's size 12 in pink are not common items as straight men are fearful of the color and somehow the gay community hasn't cottoned on to the style that is a rubber clog. Thus the big pink ones fall by the wayside.

The clerk was delighted to unload two pairs on me at a 50 percent discount and offered more if I wanted them. Two new pairs should last me a year so I feel awkward about buying a multi-year supply of recreational footwear.

The clerk in the sandal shop was alert because she understood immediately my point about pink Crocs, people who are afraid to talk to me because of my footwear are too fearful in general to be worth my while.

The six hundred block worked for me.

And after I spent some money I managed to avoid getting run over.

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