Saturday, January 16, 2021

Still Life on Southard Street

 A lunch break saw me walking around under rather bleak skies, a promise of a cold front to come no doubt. I had to look to see things to photograph and I found a few in the heart of Old Town.

I suspect we will be dealing with Covid for much of 2021, not a situation that fills one with joy but I feel compelled not to allow it to get me down. I keep going out with my camera to see what I can see around town. In the middle of the day I am inclined to avoid Duval Street as crowds of visitors I find treat masks with disdain. I try to stay to areas where locals travel, keeping their distance and properly masked. Having come this far virus free I'd like to continue to keep my family that way.

I find the large trees offer patterns and lines that intrigue me and I sometimes wonder, after I have finished, what I must look like to a  passerby, a tree inspector perhaps. 
The Old Harris School still stands empty and rather forlorn giving me an opportunity to photograph what might be mistaken for a castle or a stately home were I able to travel. It is merely a former school filled with memories for people who grew up here. Now it is empty and seeking new owners with a great deal of money. The land is being used as a paid parking lot which seems undignified.
Textures and light. I miss the bright sharp winter sunlight of which we have not had enough this year. 
Even my wife and my shift colleague have noticed that our days off are plagued with rain overcast and clouds. As soon as I am securely buttoned up at work the sun comes out...
A line if bright rainbow scooters, the excellent PGO Buddy made in Taiwan and that seem to run for ever.
It was a day for contrasts of shadow, me keeping my hand in: