Thursday, November 26, 2015

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It used to be a close competition with Fourth of July but as I have aged Thanksgiving has pulled ahead by a long way. Maybe having a fall meal with friends under palm trees while camping at Fort Jefferson swung the pendulum...
...but last year at Jekyll Island in Georgia with Robert and Dolly in formal circumstances wasn't tropical by any means but  it was pretty damned good, let's face it. I'd like to do it again in fact. 
And yes, being able to sit on a beach and maybe even go for a swim if it is exceptionally warm suits me just fine this time of year. 
But this year Layne is in California, freezing her ass off in sub zero temperatures which seems vaguely appropriate as I am home alone and working all hours. And speaking of work, as 911 has to be answered all year round, I don't mind it on a holiday so much but for the fact that the source of all 24-hour Cuban coffee is closed. Grr. One can hardly hold it against Sandy's but still...
I avoid almost all the Christmas blather as Netflix doesn't offer gruesome advertising and judicious use of the  channel button can keep Christmas at bay on Sirius satellite radio. Besides which the weather stays pretty much the same and that I adore. I think Thanksgiving is better  than Christmas because it is a much more low key holiday, no frenzy of gift giving, no stress, just a silly over stuffed meal with friends and a moment to pause and think and be grateful. To me that defines a great day.
 I shall get a Cuban thanksgiving meal at work today which because it has roast pork and plantains among other things I like just fine thank you and I won't be home but that's okay. Cheyenne won't miss me as she will be snoring on a very full stomach and my wife will be sitting around a California fire pit enjoying what passes for nice weather on the West Coast.
This is  good winter weather:
Happy memories for my girl, now too old for such shenanigans so I am grateful she is still with me.
Happy Thanksgiving, hoping you have much to be thankful for...