Thursday, June 17, 2021

Mangrove Walk

I think I went out with Rusty three times for pre-dinner walks to make up this collection of close up pictures of Florida Keys back country.  I did not get too close to the cluster of bees shown below, as I think they are the more aggressive variety. 

I heard a loud insistent buzzing and I saw the pulsing mass of insects around the rather inadequate hole in the cement  light pole. I was about ten feet away and not inclined to approach. Rusty the wild dog was not the least bit curious. 
I walked a prudent distance away and reviewed whatever information I could find and the type of inadequate hive they have chosen seems to indicate they might be Africanized. Supposedly the aggressive ones are 19 mm long on average. I wasn't sure they would approve of me trying to measure them but they had fuzzy bodies and black stripes which the Internet says is how they look.
It seems a very uncomfortable way to live if you ask me but apparently they are inclined to create undersized hives.  I walked on  unmolested and left them to do their work.

Flowers and clouds. Lovely. 

Then I mucked around a bit messing with manual focus turning mangroves into plaid (by accident).