Sunday, October 23, 2016

Decorated Key West

When it  comes  to the last  week in October Halloween vies for attention against the noisy nudie crowd that comes to town for Fantasy Fest. Halloween comes across not as creepy and scary  but as wholesome family affair. 
 Unless that is you want to wear a tutu and not shave your beard for Halloween:
It's funny inasmuch as  Key West's landscape and architecture lend themselves perfectly to a celebration of the dead, and a display of the macabre.

And  then you see some muscular dude hauling clothing around and you assume its costumes. No, it's nothing that interesting. Just clothes, like anyone might carry around for any banal reason. No tutus to see here.
And then if Halloween and Fantasy Fest aren't enough there are hidden dangers in full sight on the sidewalk. Use this discarded stove and DIE! Wow. Hugs and kisses...
 You'd think these buildings could use some Halloween decorations, but no such luck:
 Oh and then there's the cemetery always good for Halloween imagery.
It's a place where people bury their dead family members, no more, no less.