Sunday, April 16, 2017

A Place To Rest

St Paul's Cathedral on Duval Street at the corner of Eaton Street has the pride of place among churches in Key West.
It is a relatively imposing structure in the tourist zone. I took this picture last summer when the poincianas were blooming and which they will be soon again to give that added dramatic splash of color:
The interior is everything a church should be in my opinion, a calm restful place, encouraging meditation, and it is doubly pleasant as a place to duck out of the bustle of Duval Street. The noon organ recitals are an excellent way to get off the street and sit back and listen to something you may not be used to hearing.
It was Palm Sunday last week and around here it's not hard to find suitable greenery to mark the day:
The church is known for it's impressive stained glass. This church, as solid as it appears has been blown down a few times by storms. Windows in buildings like these are frequently protected by sheets of transparent plastic to prevent windblown objects damaging them.

I was sitting in a pew contemplating my navel when a stranger strode up to me and asked me if I was an Episcopalian, the denomination of this church. I looked blank and he went on to tell me, out of the blue that he was a Catholic and he was marveling how closely this church resembled the churches he was familiar with. I mumbled something about High Church formats and how such gaudiness is not always appreciated and he moved on absorbed in the shock of his discovery. I relapsed into meditation grateful for the renewed serenity.  
Outside the church is another of those public art works consisting of a poem in cement, and very fine they are too even if some young heathen prefer to scuff them with their feet:

So much to see, a 90 minute Conch Train tour is a very good idea if you can follow along. The check out the places that struck your fancy.
Back at my scooter I found a Chinese look alike. It's such a direct copy of a Vespa that the company in Italy filed a lawsuit and the Chinese company was forced to shut down at a Milan motorcycle show for infringement of patent:
And so home on my Italian studly Popsicle.