Thursday, January 4, 2018

Cold And Windy

It's a bugger when you have a head cold. The difficulty sleeping, the constant coughing, the knowledge that it WILL go away, the nagging seeping cold around our tropical house...Rusty begged hard enough for a walk this morning I staggered off to some open space and let him romp while I sat out of the wind and wished I was in the car, a hundred yards away with its powerful heater and entirely out of reach. Rusty likes me to participate even if only passively.
Back home the forecast suggested we might hit sixty degrees but the cold north wind convinced us to get our pitiful supply of blankets sorted out. I made endless tea and napped exhausted from my "walk" my wife who is a stalwart when it comes to pain and coughing and horrid stuff like that hacked away on her end of the couch and I sneezed on mine. Rusty was not amused.
Outside the rain had gone for good and the cold front settled in for a mixture of dark gray clouds scudding overhead and patches of blue sky and a little heat-free sunshine. Rusty sat on the deck and pottered in from time to time through his dog door to make sure we were stll alive and ready to play with him for a moment. 
What a waste of a day. I am not some puritan driven to be productive all the time but I do like to find some pleasure in some part of each day. I know its not minus 20 degrees and there is no snow or frozen water pipes or whatever but it feels cold to someone who only wears socks to work or to exercise. The air is humid and frigid and my supply of winter clothing is pathetic. So there. Don't get used to 80 degree temperatures, all enveloping humidity and cool breezes because one day you are sure to be caught out.