Friday, November 12, 2010

United And Elizabeth

I don't much like gray skies for photography, because I like my primary colors to shine. But on days when the sun isn't shining I still take pictures. I can't help myself.United Street is a main thoroughfare from White Street all the way to the southern end of Whitehead and Duval Streets. Unlike most Old Town streets, United is wide and easy to navigate. It isn't as quirky as a lot of residential neighborhoods but it has it's little decorations.of the four trailer parks in the city Mastic lives here, pretty much unnoticed except by the excessively curious (people like me). This is the desert southwestern angle:This is the front door facing United Street:Mastic seems to be cleaning up it's act. I don't remember it looking so neat and attractive in the past. I still find myself a little surprised to see hurricane shutters on many windows. The recent spell of cool blustery weather made me think we would see hordes of snow birds descending on Key west to avoid the blizzards Up North. apparently they are hardier than I imagined.I saw in the paper that Denver is having overnight lows of 20 degrees so I'm figuring Danette's leaf changing has ended abruptly. Down here palms don't do much seasonal stuff, which is just how I like it.There are some lovely old homes moldering away quietly in Key West. They give me hope that not everyone has sold out and gentrified.On the other hand......some have been tarted up.
Cheyenne dragged me down Elizabeth Street, a rather narrow unkempt lane at this point off United Street. As the dog sniffed industriously around the hedges I spotted shades of yellow, natural and human.
I should get my wife this one. She likes a shoe-free environment.
It is possible in Key west to have the city create a handicapped spot near your home if you qualify. However the spot is not reserved for the person who asked for it to be installed and anyone with a qualifying placard or tag can use it. This one looked very dubious to me, as though the sign was tacked up but the space isn't actually painted in blue. Still, would you park there?A wintry scene on Elizabeth Street. Note the sweatshirt.Classic Key West architecture back on United Street. The other landmark around here is B'Nai Zion Jewish temple. Key West boasts the oldest Jewish community in Florida, currently occupying this rather unprepossessing building on United Street. My wife might like to give it a shot while I'm down at the Irish pub trying out for Keith's trivia team.
On the way home from town I was struck by the continuous unrelenting gray of the cloudy skies. I think they call this pewter if not leaden.Cheyenne and I got out for one more walk to enjoy the vistas of flat water stretching to the horizon. We took advantage of the moment to stroll along the bike path that is being developed alongside the Overseas Highway, seen here at Mile marker 13, just north of Big Coppitt Key.
In full blown winter it will be packed with industrious snowbirds in full cycling gear (locals rarely wear bicycle helmets) pounding the pavement to pass the time and build up their strength to cope with the vicissitudes of Life Up North. Right now it's empty and all mine.The Boondocks billboard marks my turn off the highway to my home.Still gray, still overcast and at 72 degrees a bit too cold for my taste.