Friday, February 24, 2012

Pineapple Fencing

Seen in Bahama Village, these symbols of hospitality and welcome in Key West, pineapples...

The fence was decorated with insect cut outs, it was all quite charming.

And a fine porch to rock the sunset away.

Key West living.

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Neon And Darkness

I made a goof and got into town early for my overtime shift. 27 miles from home, what to do? Pull out the camera of course. I thought about having coffee at the Waffle House at the Days Inn, a place never previously visited by me. I thought better of it and decided to keep moving after I took this picture:

I am finally getting used to the Blue Lagoon Motel's replacement. The place seems to be a much nicer than the dive it replaced and the restaurant seems to have found a measure of stability. The sign on North Roosevelt looks okay when you can't see the stupid TV Screen.

In Key West 'The Boulevard' is the abbreviation given to North Roosevelt Boulevard, the four lane street that lines the north shore of New Town.

It is not particularly appealing as it is home to the chain stores and conveniences of modern North America, though restricted in number and choices. This is where locals can shop in box stores, Home Depot, Champs, Dollar Tree, K Mart and Pier One among others. Next April the state starts a much needed two year restoration of the boulevard with proper storm drains and paving and sidewalks.

It will be a chaotic two years while they reduce traffic flow and force everyone to squeeze onto Flagler Avenue.

I expect we will get used to it even as we curse the traffic jams and delays. These days North Roosevelt floods at the slightest provocation from the rain gods and proper drainage would be great.

I wonder how businesses will survive the down time of nearly 900 days starting this April.

I'd like to see proper sidewalks and landscaping and a general sense that this main artery should look moderately attractive even if not beautiful.

Currently it's a mess and the lack of sidewalks on the south side puts cyclists and pedestrians in the way of cars buzzing by well above the posted 35 mph speed omit.

At night the Boulevard loses some of it's ugliness which isn't quite so visible.

And at the end of the roadway just before it becomes Truman Avenue is my place of work

Some days I can hardly believe the trust me enough to give me a Key to the police station so I can come and go as I please. Then I remember I am closing in on eight years working here and they have been the best working years of my life. Even if the ride down the boulevard is horrid.

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